10 Scariest Moments Ever Caught on Camera

There are people who don’t wanna see some scary moments or incidents ever in this life but there are also some who finds it amazing and challenging when having a chance to see one. However, if we are already in the situation and at the middle between life and death, I guess we should really choose to run for our life, of course.

Whether you wanted to see some scary moments or not, the following scary moments shared by the Wildlife channel will surely make you wanna see about it. They shared the top 10 scary moments ever caught on the camera.

10. A very fast running image of smoke coming from nowhere made the people run for their lives. It was just moving as it was and people had no choice but to run from it. The people were shocked of the smoke which seems like really coming for them. It then made them run for their lives.


8. A long and so high water source coming from the sky made the people wonder what was it. It seems like a shower directly coming from the clouds or from the sky. A strong sound of water is clearly heard on the video.

7. A strong wind made the helicopter and other things lose its balance and fly. It was a strong kind of a tornado that had just ruined everything.

6. Big drops of ice rain made the people hide from it. The heavy drops are clearly heard and seen on the video and people were really covering their heads and trying to run away from it.

5. A huge wave from the sea made the cargo vessel lost from the view.

4. A sudden explosion was just witnessed by their own naked eyes.

3. And another breath-taking explosion from the sea.

2. And a bright kind of explosion witnessed by many.

1. This one here is just so scary if you’ll be covered with it alive.

This scary moments are just few from many which are captured on camera. Whether they are true or not, but if this really happens, we better run for ourselves.

Watch the video here to see it for yourself: