10-year-old girl to undergo open brain surgery after her mother squeezed her blackheads with bare hands

Our face, being the most exposed part of our body is also one of the most sensitive parts. Given that four of the five essential senses of the body can be located in the face, it should be a must for anyone to take extra care of one’s skin.

Occasional pimples, whiteheads and blackheads is predetermined to somehow find its way to anybody’s face as it is all a part of developing hormones. However, proper precaution and attention should be given to these seemingly insignificant occurrence in our skin as it may cause a serious health problem.

Surgeon Xiang said young people shouldn't squeezing blackheads or popping pimples

Just like in the case of a 10-year-old Chinese girl. The young patient, named Xiao Mei, had eight millilitre of pus as well as an abscess removed from her brain during a five-hour operation on Monday, Daily Mail reported.

The girl was saved by a five-hour surgical operation on Monday at a hospital in Guangzhou

The unfortunate girl had to endure undergoing an “open brain surgery” and part of her skull was removed.

According to the report, Mei’s mother squeezed blackheads on her nose. The mother’s hands were unclean which triggered a serious bacterial infection in the girl’s body, doctors from Guangzhou, southern China, claimed.

It’s said that the infection reached the girl’s brain through blood circulation.

The girl's neurosurgeon said she was nearly unconscious while being rushed to the hospital

Xiang Yongsheng, a neurosurgeon at The First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University in Guangzhou, said the girl was nearly unconscious when she was taken to the hospital in the morning.

According to Xiao Mei’s family members, the fifth-grade pupil started suffering from fever, dizziness and drowsiness about two weeks ago.

A neurosurgeon said infections in the triangle area between a person's nose and mouth could lead to serious consequences because the blood vessels are connected to the brain

Xiang said blood vessels between one’s nose and mouth are connected directly to the brain, and the consequences could be severe if the region, dubbed the ‘dangerous triangle’, gets infected.

The surgeon repeatedly reminded everyone against squeezing blackheads or popping pimples, especially when one’s hands are not thoroughly sanitized.