1000-pound woman lost 800 lbs after killing confession, here’s how she looks right now!

We all know for a fact that having too much weight can be bummer, because of the fact that you are carrying a little too much of your body weight which will make unable to move around due to the enormous person you have become. There are some who would just give up on life and will just wait for the time of their death.

Just the same a bed-bound obese woman named Mayra Rosales who weighed in at 1000 lbs felt exactly the same as she felt hopeless, depressed, and had given up on life until a traumatic tragedy changed her view in life.

In 2008, Rosales was once dubbed as the “Half-Ton Killer” after she falsely confesses that she was responsible for her 2-year old nephews untimely death due to her accidentally rolling on her nephew which then squash the poor little boy.

According Rosales herself, she admitted a crime she didn’t commit for she has already gave up on life at that time. However, the claims were all denied when the results the autopsy revealed that the boy had died due to multiple injuries to the head, making Rosales’ testimony invalid.

It was later revealed that the 2-year old boy was killed due to him getting beat up by his own mother named Jamie which was Marya’s sister. According to NTD.TV, Jamie begged Mayra to take the blame, but when the results of the autopsy came out, Jamie had no choice but to turn herself in and and was sentenced a 15-year imprisonment.

It was that traumatic tragedy that lead Mayra to turn her life around and decided she must lose weight, not only for herself, but for her to be able to take of her sister’s other children.

Years later, Mayra has lose a lot of her weight with the help of 11 surgeries. Not only that, but she has also made huge changes in her diet and to her mindset surrounding food.

Food to me is I have to eat to live. Before it was living to eat, and now you know, it’s just something normal,” – she said during an interview with ABC 13.

Does Mayra Rosales’ story inspired you to work hard and lose those unwanted weight? If the heaviest woman in the world can do it, we know you can as well.