This 10,000-bedroom beachfront hotel has never had a single visitor. Find out why!

Many of us would prefer to stay in an expensive hotel to spend a night when we are in a different place. They wouldn’t mind the expenses as long as they are comfortable and would be able to sleep well. Well, that’s of course for some who has a lot of money to spend. However, for those who are so cautious of the expenses would just spend some night in some room for rent to stay, just to be able to sleep.

But have you ever seen such a huge hotel ever in your life? The 10,000 room beachfront hotel but no one has ever stayed at? A hotel so huge that it stretches over a staggering three miles and has 10,000 bedrooms all facing the sea? Well, here is the story behind it which is shared to us by Did You Know channel on YouTube.

The beach resort named Prora was built by the Nazis between 1936 and 1939. Prora lies on an extensive bay between the Sassnitz and Binz regions, known as the Prorer Wiek, on the narrow heath (the Prora) which separates the lagoon of the Grober Jasmunder Bodden from the Baltic Sea.

The buildings extend over a length of 4.5 kilometers and are roughly 150 metres from the beach. The coast offers a long flexed sand beach which stretches from Binz to the ferry port. This beach was thus an ideal location for the establishment of a seaside resort. During that same period, was making preparations for war which ultimately take priority. And the massive building project was never finished.

Prora Aerial 03


The buildings extend over a length of three miles that’s 5 kilometers and a roughly 500 feet, 150 meters beach. During the few years that Prora was under construction, all major construction companies of the rike in nearly 9,000 workers were involved in this project.

With the unset of World War II in 1939, building of Prora stop and the construction workers transferred to Weapon factories. The eight housing blocks, the theater, and cinema stayed as empty shells. And the swimming pools and festival hall never materialized.

During the Allied bombing campaign, many people from Hamburg took refuge in one of the housing blocks. After the war, Prora was used as a military outpost for the East German army. But since German reunification in 1990, the buildings have stood empty.

The vast complex designed to accommodate 20,000 visitors was part of the Nazis strength through joy. The aim was to provide leisure activities for German workers and spread Nazi propaganda.

Today, the whole place is still pretty deserted except for a small museum and disco. There are hundreds of empty rooms with many windows smashed by vandals. After years of debate, the plan now is to turn Prora into a modern holiday resort with four of the five blocks had even sold to private investors.

Developers have a new vision, they wanna build hundreds of holiday apartments with cafe’s, discos, hotels, sports halls, and swimming pools in order to attract thousands of visitors.

This is just another kind of story which talks about the great construction that was built but never been used. Yes! it was been useful during the war, but after that, it was just left deserted again. Well, it was good that we know something like this, that a 10,000 Bedroom Nazi Hotel also exists.