Filipina girl with IQ more than Einstein rejected by a grammar school in UK

An 11-year old Filipina who lives in the United Kingdom named Mia Golosino is now making rounds online as she was said to have an IQ way higher than the genius known as Albert Einstein. However, reports said that she was denied by a grammar school due to “over-subscription

According to Mia’s parents, they decided to enroll her at Aylesbury High grammar school for it was her first choice of secondary school to attend with, but as mentioned she was rejected by the said school despite of having a genius intellect by having an IQ of 162, way more higher than the genius mark of 140. Scientists Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking reportedly had an IQ of 160 and this 11-year old surpassed them by 2. Crazy huh?

Mia’s parents were surprised the moment they saw the result given Mensa. “We were waiting for a prospectus to arrive the day that the Mensa test results came through the post.We couldn’t believe it when we found out. We were absolutely stunned.” – Mia’s mother said.

After seeing the outstanding result, her parents then decided to share her story in public, in hopes to inspire anyone who got rejected by a certain school of their choice and let them know that being rejected by one school doesn’t mean the end of the world for them.

SOURCE: Viral4Real