14.4-foot Oarfish found in Leyte

A 14.4-foot Oarfish is beached along the shore of Talisay, Libagon, Southern Leyte last Tuesday. The appearance of the deep-sea creature fears among the residents as this fish is linked to bad omen of an upcoming earthquake.


Witnesses claimed that the oarfish was still alive when it was first found, but later got weak and eventually died.

According to Municipal Agriculturist Officer of Libagon Southern Leyte, Teresa Regis, two fishermen found the said huge fish and the only Oarfish sighted in their municipality this year.

Moreover, Regis stated that the oarfish was identified as a female and estimated to be 14.4-feet long and 1.2-feet wide.


Ironically, PHIVOLCS monitored a 2.8-magnitude earthquake west of the municipality of Hinundayan last Thursday and a 2.5-magnitude earthquake east of the municipality of Pintuyan last Friday, ABSCBN News reported.

Experts claimed that the creature is capable of sensing tremors on the Earth’s crust.

As remembered, two days before a 6.7-magnitude earthquake rocked Surigao del Norte, an oarfish was caught off the waters of its adjacent province, Agusan del Norte.