14-year-old boy dies after gay inserted stick in his anus, suspect admits that he’s high on drugs

The war on drugs led by our esteemed President has been a subject of debate for the past months. Whether the program really violated rights of innocent people or does it protect them? A question that is still left unanswered.

In Balasan, Iloilo, a 14-year-old boy named Renald Delia Reyes is said to have been raped by a homosexual whose under the influence of drugs.

Renald, went with his friends to a community dance in their locality on August 31. What they expected to be a night of merry making, fun and laughter turned out to be the worst nightmare they could ever experience.

The boy was allegedly enticed and persuaded by a gay person to go with him during the dance. This person was identified to be 40-year-old Raden “Smile” Gonzales. Smile allegedly approached and lured Renald to go with him at around 11 pm. The boy’s body was found at about midnight.

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According to Reyes’ friends, they noticed that Gonzales had taken a liking towards their friend. Although the police are not yet sure, they reported that the suspect encouraged the victim to go with him. However, some witnesses claim that the suspect snatched the boy from a dimly lit area.

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Witnesses also said that they saw Gonzales standing on top of the dead body, naked. But, as people tried to rescue the victim and take him to the nearest hospital, Gonzales evaded them. Reyes’ body was found without any clothes as well.

The doctor in charge said that Reyes died because of internal hemorrhage. This is due to the fact that a wooden stick was inserted into his rectum.

The local police also recovered clothing items (a pair of panties and a skirt) from the crime scene that are believed to be owned by Smile Gonzales.

The suspect was arrested on Sept. 4, at Estancia, Ilo-ilo. Gonzales said that he was high on drugs when he killed Reyes. Sachets of Shabu and a .38 Caliber was also found in Gozales’ possession.

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It was further revealed that Smile was previously imprisoned for the same crime. He was jailed at National Bilibid Prison for killing a young boy by inserting a a hard object in his an*s.

Source: TNP, DF Blog