16-year-old boy dies for drinking a combinations of drinks found in every store

These days various types of energy drinks or any beverages are hitting the market that young people can’t help but love. Knowing it is safe and believe that nothing bad is ever going to happen, we carelessly gulp it until its last drop without the knowledge that it could possibly harm us and can result to our demise.

It is common knowledge that alcohol and drugs is never too good for ones body and could possibly lead us to our death beds if we take too much. However, a 16-year boy from South Carolina name Davis Cripe passed away, not because of alcohol or any illegal substance, but just a mere energy drink.

Davis is just a high school student who worked part-time at a sports store and just like a normal teenager and was very open on how he is against alcohol and drugs, but he doesn’t shy away for expressing his love for soda, coffee and energy drinks without knowing it can also do damage to his health.

According to a report by Newsner, while in school the boy drank a can of Mountain Dew just moments after he had just had a cup of coffee. Not yet contended, he then later decided to have himself an energy drink.

After all that, Davis collapsed inside his classroom at around¬†2:28 pm and an ambulance rushed him too the nearest hospital possible which was Palmetto Health Baptist Parkridge Hospital. Unfortunately, Davis didn’t make it was declared dead at 3:30 pm on the same day after having cardiac arrest due to too much caffeine.

Let’s take Davis Cripe’s story seriously and spread awareness to everyone who might possibly be a victim of such tragedy and this could be done sharing this story on any of your social media platforms.