16-Year Old Boy Locks Up His 71-Year Old Wife And Here’s WHY!

As many people would say, age is nothing but a number when it comes to true love. However, there are some cases that this belief is not really acceptable, especially when the ones involved are still on their minor age, but it is even more complicated when the couple are ages apart from each other.

The couple was later identified as 16-year old boy named Selamet and his wife Rohana who is already 71 years old. Some people might say that the woman is old enough to be the boy’s grandmother due to the massive age gap of 55 years, but the couple begs the differ and claimed that their marriage is going strong.

It is no surprise that both their families are against their unusual relationship, but was forced to accept it for they threatened to kill themselves if they were torn apart.

After the pair has finally tied the knot, they went traveled to their Indonesia’s capital city Jakarta to spend their honeymoon and appeared to have enjoyed their time there.

According to Rohana, her 16-year old husband is as clingy as it gets and as the result he sometimes skips going to the mosque every Friday and pray as all Muslim men is required to attend. Due to this, the village elder told Selamet that he shouldn’t neglect his religious duties no matter how much he loves his wife.

In fact, the guy so loved his wife that he locked it up inside their house, because of jealousy. He claimed that he is afraid that some other man might take his wife away, that’s why he decided to lock her up to avoid such thing from happening.

The crazy train keeps on running when Selamet began t telling everybody that he plans to have kids with his elderly wife and even going far enough of picking out names. “I want my daughter to be named Putri Permata Sari and my son to be named Andre Maulana.” Selamet said.

Unfortunately for the two, it seems like it will never happen, for it was been noted that Rohana has already been rushed to the clinic multiple times due to exhaustion, probably because of trying to conceive a baby.

SOURCE: EliteReaders