This 17-year-old girl is tearing the internet apart with her stunning photos

Sexy and young models never fails to catch immediate attention from any typical guy. One example of these the new internet darling 17-year old Brazillian model Jhulia Pimentel.

Her sizzling hot photos are now all over the internet and many guys will drool after seeing her set of photos.

Facebook page another girl posted 8 photos of Jhulia on their official Facebook page. In the album you can see the 17-year old posing in a very seductive way.

The photos features Jhulia wearing a various types of “outfit” and is ready not just to steal your hearts away, but also will also give you a pretty good hard on.

She also a huge cult of followers on social media, garnering over 549,000 plus followers on her Instagram account.

Can you imagine as young 17-years old already having such attention? As of this writing the viral album that features Jhulia has already earned over 98,000 likes and reactions on Facebook.

You may stalk her on her Instagram account jhulia_pimentel.