Two Filipino women arrested for selling their children in exchange for s3x

A shocking video was recently uploaded by UNILAD‘s official Facebook page and is currently making rounds online. The video features two Filipino women negotiating with a foreigner about selling their children in exchange for money and sex.

As featured on the said video, you can see a woman who appears to be some kind of an investigator watching the deal getting transpired inside of a room, while one of her associates was the one who handled the scripted transaction just to caught these evil sisters doing the crime. You can see the woman looking horrified of what she witnessed and immediately took action.

The sickening thing that these two women did was unforgivable and when they were arrested by undercover Homeland Security Investigations officers, they were easily sustained and didn’t fight back.

Fortunately, the 13 children are now being comforted by a team of social workers and 10 of the kids are said to be related the criminals and the youngest is just a 2-month old baby. The video caused outrage and angered many netizens because of the evil deed they do for a living.

It was later revealed that the investigation was done by the London-born presenter Stacey Dooley who traveled all the way to the Philippines to film the documentary Mums Selling Their Kids For Money as reported by Daily Mail.

Watch the documented video below: