Motortrade denies free motorcycle promo on Facebook

Almost two hundred thousand hopeful Filipinos were tricked and fooled by a fake motorcycle giveaway sponsored by Motortrade’s fake Facebook page.

At exactly 11:51 p.m on April 20, 2017, fake page “Motortrade Philippines“, apparently acting as the well-known motorcycle dealer, started a fake campaign to give a free motorcycle as a promo for their supposed 5th year anniversary.

Everyone who wishes to participate on the bogus promo was asked to like the fake page, the fake post, and leave a comment to guarantee the participant’s ticket of winning a motorcycle.

The shares, likes, and comments increased the visibility of the fake promo until it reached and fooled more than two hundred hopeful Filipinos in less than 24 hours.

The legitimate page of Motortrade is already aware of the supposed giveaway and warned Filipino of scam and vehemently denied the motorcycle giveaway.

BEWARE: Motortrade Philippines and Motortrade Motorcycles and MOTORTRADE-LIBRENGMOTOR.CF (webform) are FAKE pages stealing Motortrade page pictures and logos and are now telling people to like and share their page in exchange for a free motorcycle. This does not belong to Motortrade. Please be vigilant against scams.