23-year-old girl stopped having period and her stomach goes bigger, she couldn’t believe when the doctor finally revealed her condition

Health is surely the wealth of everyone. May it be a dad who can hardly skip work, a sister who can’t afford to miss her class, a brother who practices hard to be part of a basketball team or a mom whose job is to take care of the health of the whole family. Whatever the reason may be, one should always take care of their body so that no unnecessary organisms may enter.

To ensure that one is in optimal health condition, a visit to the doctor is often advised. However, there are some people who sometimes seek the help of physicians in a time that is rather too late.

Just like in the case of a 23-year-old girl called Xiao Jia. Three months ago, Jia went to the hospital claiming that she had severe abdominal pain and that she stopped having period plus, her belly was large and she looked like she was pregnant.

After a careful diagnosis, the doctor found that Xiao Jia was not pregnant. Her belly became swollen and the severe abdominal pain she had were due to abnormal buildup fluid in her abdomen.

Unfortunately, the fluid was not the main reason of her excruciating pain. It was liver cancer. Worst, her cancer had already reached stage 4; the final stage.

According to Goodtimes, after hearing this sad news, Jia decided to quit school and just stay home in order to find a cure for her disease. One night however, she experienced very severe pain in her abdomen that her parents were forced to call an ambulance.

She was rushed to the hospital but her pupils no longer react to light and the electrocardiogram machine showed a straight line. These were the signs of death. The young girl was unable to wait for the specialist to arrive.

When the doctor announced that the patient had passed away, the girl’s mother could not believe what she heard and cried. Her mother plead the doctors to do anything they could to save her child.

The attending physician said: “there were no vital signs when I arrived and there is no need to perform any emergency rescue at all. I am sorry, but it’s too late.”