24-year-old model found dead in Cebu

Being safe today is already unsafe it’s because no matter how you want to feel safe and live peacefully, there are really people who would try to destroy and make evil things towards you. News are just keep on telling us how others are being raped and killed by evil people. Of course, the reasons are just the same, it’s because of the influence of the drugs.

Is there any other way to stop this evil things done by evil people? President Duterte had already made some actions against these drug users and addicts but it seems, the evil things aren’t stopped still. Inhumane acts of some are just so threatening that even in your own home you will feel unsafe.

And that, another murder case is being done at certain part of Cebu. The  Superbalita Cebu just reported a recent news how a woman aging 15 to 17-year-old was brutally killed and was suspected raped by the unknown suspect/s in the grassy part of Pulang Bato in Sugbo, Cebu.

According to their report, the victim’s face can no longer be identified after it was hit by the large stone which is just beside her dead body together with a bottle of a beer. Talamban police officers are keeping the possibility that the woman was raped before she was killed.

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Th e victim is later identified as Aireen Adolfo, a 24-year-old model and also a call center agent.

Families and friends of the victim are now suing against the suspect. Some are even saying to pass the death penalty as early as now so that the suspects may also pay the life that they have taken from them.

We really don’t know when we will be taken from this complicated world, so we better be prepared. Losing someone in the family is really painful but if they are taken this way, this is really the most unacceptable and heartbreaking that we could ever have. Let’s pray for the victim’s soul anyway that she may have peace despite the way she was taken here.

Source: Superbalita Cebu, Sun Star