25-year-old girl raped by her friend inside a motel in Iloilo

Rape Cases in different areas of the world are really one thing that is dominant and inevitable now. Mostly because of drugs or the suspect is under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Many victims are minors and suspects are just that old enough. The common question asked by many regarding this is, “Don’t they have their grandmothers, mothers, or daughter to do such kind of crime?

Just recently, another rape case has been in news in different radio stations in Iloilo City particularly in Jalandoni St., Bulilao Mandurriao. The victim is actually a 25-year-old woman who is reviewing for her radiology technologist examination.


According to the sibling of the victim, the suspect is a friend of the victim and didn’t expect that the guy could do such thing to her. That it was said they were both drunk before the incident happen.

Because of being drunk, the woman lose her strength, so the guy brought her in Queens Court drive-in hotel and checked in at room 137. There the guy had successfully made his intention and had raped her. After doing the crime, he immediately ran and left the woman inside the room.

According to reports, the woman had asked for some help at some female employees of the motel, for them to call a police but they didn’t even try to believe her.

Actual Photos are taken by the family at room 137:

It was seen that there was a blood stain left on the bed sheet.

The”sando” shirt of the suspect full of blood stains seen on the crime scene.

The suspect until now is still missing and it was known that he was an intern of Iloilo Doctor’s hospital and is from Sta. Barbara Iloilo.