3D artist shows how Spongebob, Patrick look like if they’re human

Cartoon characters are so much interesting to children. They love to watch them because of  their unique and engaging features. And one of the known cartoon characters that even adults love is SpongeBob Squarepants. It is known for its yellow square body and has a best friend called Patrick the starfish.

Seeing SpongeBob with its facial expressions is just so adorable.

And Patrick just look so charming like a real star fish.

Watching these cartoon characters are so much entertaining especially to kids. But what if you would see SpongeBob and its best friend Patrick in real life? Well, an actress drew them and you wouldn’t believe how they really look like.

3D artist Miguel Vasquez just had drawn what Spongebob and Patrick would look like in real life. And the results are so much naturally horrifying.

Humanized SpongeBob: close up and real scary face only for you.

Humanized Patrick: Look at it and burn its image even when you sleep.

Vasquez told BuzzFeed that he’s been obsessed with real-life renderings of cartoons for years, and finally decided to try on his own. Well, he got his mission accomplished now. When he was asked what he’d say to the millions of internet users who will never sleep again because of this, his response was so simple: “That was the plan all along.”

This is something that netizens went crazy about because it’s just so different kind of SpongeBob and a Patrick.