40-year-old man died due to the common mistake everyone does before bedtime

Usually, we tend to use our smartphones or mobile phones as frequent as everyday. We use and hold them every minute and seems like we’re already living with it. We use them everyday to update our accounts in different social media sites. But what we don’t know about it, our body system to work, is slowly eaten by these gadgets and end everyday doing nothing.

Just like in the case of the 40-year-old man who went to his doctor and was diagnosed having an eye cancer. According to scientific studies, the green light coming from our phones can cause damage to our retina cells and may affect our vision.

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According to the Green Tree Medic, the experts say, the blue light that comes from electronic devices such as your smartphone can accelerate the death of retinal cells and affect your vision.

It was said that the man used his smartphone every night before going to bed in a dark room for at least half an hour, which slowly degraded his eyesight and damaged his eye beyond repair.

The doctors couldn’t do anything in this case because it is an extremely difficult to replace a damaged retina.

Now, if you’re having the same habit with him, stop immediately to protect your eyes and your vision. And make sure you avoid using your mobile phone in the dark before you go to bed. Care for your eyes and protect them as early as now.

SOURCE: Green Tea Media, Readers File