50-year-old mum stuns netizens online

A Chinese woman named Liu Yelin is getting the most attention online as she recently went viral because of her jaw-dropping figure in spite of her age. At first glance, you might think her age is probably somewhere between her 20s to 30s. However, you will surely be amazed when you figured out on how old she really is.

It’s kind of hard to believe, but the Chinese woman is already 50-year old and still managed to make many people drop their jaw because of her incredible body figure and young appearance.

The 50-year old Liu Yelin spends her time by committing herself to do a two-hour workout routine every single day. So, if you wish to look as great as her, you should have the discipline like what she have and do the same routine she does to achieve the body you want to have despite how old you are.

Liu Yelin who is a mother of one, also posts photos of herself doing her heavy workouts and overseas travels on her Weibo account. It is said that her obsession to fitness started back she was just 30 and also learned to swim at that age.

The hot mum has already have a 22-year-old son that always mistaken to be her boyfriend.

Ever since the day she went all out on fitness, she really never looked back and even became an expert swimmer and according to Shanghaiist, Liu has swam across the Malacca Strait last year.

All her workout routine kept her from looking young, so young that she probably might be a part of every man’s fantasy.