6 obvious signs that someone is secretly crushing on you

Actions speak louder than words. You just have to correctly read an action for you to understand the motives behind it clearly, do not overthink or expect something because you may only be hurt in the end.

Here are 6 obvious signs that a person secretly likes you as compiled by Bright Side:

1.Impossibility of controlling a smile or laughter

Yeah. It’s possibly true that one can’t feel his face when in front of the person he loves. He simply can’t contain the idiotic smile on his face even with just the mere sight of the one he loves.

2. Two types of people in love

When a person is overly concerned about your every single move or when he annoys you in every way he could, its not just friendship, it sure does mean something else.

3. An Observing Eye

A person in love often cannot take their eyes off the person they admire. They often feel like they are about to miss something when they blink or when they are not looking at the apple of their eyes.

4. An unusual way of Talking

When a person suddenly changes the way he talks with you or when he can’t manage to speak a word in front of you, it may mean he feels something for you.

5. Talking about a Lover to other people

A person in love may tend to talk about the person he admires in a very negative way or the two may be able to share the same kinds of interests.

6. Sudden change of Interest

A person in love tries to have the same interests with the person he admires. He checks out what she likes and tries his best to also like the same things.