After 7.1 magnitude Earthquake, Mexico is rained with FISH caused by a weird weather phenomenon

Some countries experience snowfall, some just experience the ordinary rainfall, while there are some that experience no rain at all. These weather patterns are results of variations in geographical locations of countries and of course, climate change.

However, a certain city in Mexico experienced a rather “curious case” of fishes falling from the sky.

Residents of the coastal city, Tampico in northeastern Mexico experienced a surprising “fishy” weather phenomenon on Wednesday, Daily Mail reported.

According to civil defense officials, tiny silver fishes fell from the sky together with light rain.

“Not to say there were a lot of fish — one here, one there,” Pedro Granados, director of civil defense, told Info7. “It has to be said, they’re very small fish, which weigh a few grams. It’s strange, not normal.”

The rare meteorological phenomenon is believed to occur after tornadoes over water – called waterspouts – suck fish into the air and carry them to land.

Because the city of Tampico is surrounded by lagoons, officials said this event is not entirely surprising.

“I don’t know if it’s climate change,” Granados said, “but we’ve had tornadoes, storms, rains, floods, raining fish, eclipses, earthquakes, all kinds of natural phenomena that we aren’t used to, but that we are experiencing these days.”

Mexico recently suffered a 7.1 magnitude earthquake that killed at least 300 people.

This rare weather occurrence is indeed intriguing. We can’t help but think that this is another episode of the worsening situation of the Earth we live in. This may be another reminder that the world too is getting old and that we should immediately find ways of conserving our depleting natural resources.

Here is a video of the “Fish Rain”: