7 Things You Need To Avoid When Kissing

When making out with your special someone, kissing is something you want to start with before you make your next move to get to the third base. Doing it well can really affect the atmosphere and could possibly bring you the best day of your life if done right. Nonetheless,  it is important to know the do’s and don’ts or else it will end up disastrous for you both.

Here 7 things you should avoid when locking lips.

1. Bad Breath

Let’s all start with the basic. It is not even a question why this is a big NO when it comes to kissing, we mean who could ever kiss someone with horrible breath? So, it is advised that you should always brush your teeth and do a mouthwash before getting it on with your partner.

2. Don’t Forget to Use Your Hands

Just like the first one, this is also one of the basic things you need to know. It is not all about how you use your lips and tongue to satisfy her, but also it depends on where and how you put your hands all around her body and give her the thing she is looking for.

3. Don’t Force Your Tongue to Kiss

Kissing with your tongue can slightly some flavor while your at it, but you should never put your tongue before your mouth. Before trying to pull off some tongue action, you should read your partner’s gesture if he/she is willing to do so.

4. Don’t Let Your Saliva Run Free While At It

This is kind of ridiculous, but when you are kissing you should never let out a sea of saliva to flow on your partners lips, cheeks, nose, ears or the neck.

5. Don’t Rush and Be Rough Immediately

Although there are some people who likes it rough from the very beginning, it is not advisable to do it in an instant. Instead, you should just start slow and be gentle at first and don’t rush it off, because you have plenty of time to do it later.

6. Thinking Your Next Move Is A NO

Many are probably guilty due to the fact that when they locked lips with their partners, they eventually think of what they will do next and could possibly rush into making love. This will make your partner think that you are in a hurry to get her in bed.

7. Don’t Lean and Put Pressure When Kissing

Passion is good, but forcing your face into your partner is not. Leaning on her with too much pressure can lead her to move away from you. So, try too keep it gentle and smooth, rather than being rough.

Now that you have learnt the things you need to avoid, you should apply it and give her the best experience she ever had.

SOURCE: HealthTalksPH, Nationspress