79-year old man begs on streets to buy his own casket and support his mentally ill pregnant daughter

In the streets of Lucena City, in Quezon Province, a 79-year old man is begging for alms to be able to buy his medicines, daily food and most surprisingly, his own casket.

Roberto Arroyo or simply “Tatay Berting”, as what the locals call him. He wakes up as early as 4 AM every single day in his humble abode along the shores of Junisan, Quezon,to prepare for his daily routine.

He then walks his way towards the nearest bus station to ride a bus that will take him to Lucena. This travel will take up to two hours, but the old man has to endure this every day.

Tatay Berting has been a widower for almost two decades. He was blessed with 5 children. All have their own families except his fifth child, Vilma “Oging” Arroyo.

Oging is 35 years old and is mentally ill. She was raped by an unidentified monster and became pregnant, which added to Tatay Berting’s dilemma.

Everyday, Tatay Berting leaves Oging alone in their small hut in to beg in Lucena, not just for their daily needs but also for his future grand child.

Tatay Berting, given his advanced age already has difficulty in walking and looks very weak.

What motivates him to go on his way is his spirit, his daughter, and his ‘dream casket’. Despite his situation, he still manages to pay his burial plan regularly.

Rated K, stepped in to bring changes to Tatay Berting’s life. They featured the old man’s story and assisted him and his daughter by taking them to a hospital to ensure that they are both in good health.

The people behind the show also gave him cash, stuff and supplies for Oging’s baby and pledged to fulfill his burial plan.

They even gave him a small source of livelihood so that he will no longer beg for alms in the streets.

Here is the video shared by Rated K’s Facebook Page:

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Source: KickerDaily, Facebook