9 causes of bad vaginal smell that made you want to get examined

Feminine odor is one of the reasons that robs women’s confidence. Though this unwanted scent deeply seated down there is natural as vaginal fragrance alters throughout the menstrual period, an awful odor may be an indication that you’ve got some health problems  going on inside you, especially if you are sexually active.

A female’s vagina naturally contains bacteria. In fact, it’s filled with bacteria that can thrive even more if carelessly taken for granted. The thriving or the overgrowth of these bacteria is known as bacterial vaginosis where stinky smells stem from

But there’s not much to worry about because not all vaginal smells are caused by contaminants. Usually, the odorous scent women want to get rid rid off as much as possible is caused by ordinary activities or routines they aren’t aware of.  Here is the list of plausible reasons why such stink resides down there:


-Aside from its potential to increase orgasm, spicy foods can also effect vaginal smells. So if you’re having a powerful vaginal smell and fond of eating spicy foods at the same time, you guess the reason why.


-wearing of tight clothes results to sweating, sweats are thereby trapped in the vagina which in turn leads to the formulation of annoying smell. And for sure, that smell is something you won’t hold on tight just like you do with your tight clothing.


– Not wearing underwear at night may mean something for some people but doing so let the female area breathe. It allows the vagina to keep loose and freely breathe, thus, the potential bad smell is less likely to occur. Specialist claim that the increased airflow hinders the moisture growth in the female area so as the strong odor is prevented.

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– Most laundry detergents, cleaner and fabric softeners contain perfume that can cause irritating smell, once again causing that odor in your private part. The tendency of smelling can also go further between the legs.

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5. SEX

– You get to sweat a lot during the peak of your lovemaking, hence, the growth of the bacteria from moisture. So, make it a habit to rinse off well after having an exciting encounter with your partner.


– Pregnancy results to a lot of changes in the female physique, including the rinsing out of the pH levels. This imbalance of ‘potential of Hydrogen’ is responsible for making the girl’s intimate part smells awfully.


-While inadequate or poor personal hygiene is often the cause of bad odor, too much washing of your vagina disproportion the normal flora. The lactic acid this flora produces keep the vagina healthy, hence if disproportionate, will cause the unwanted smell. It’s advisable to wash well, but not too much.


-Commonly used for washing the female area, douches are really harmful to vagina’s pH levels. Why? because douching minimizes the good bacteria, resulting the bad ones to overgrow and leads the vagina to smell very unpleasantly.


-Though condoms are made of chemicals and materials that are hypoallergenic, these contraceptives also eliminate the natural vaginal flora which then again results to vaginal odor.

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