9-year-old girl dies after being attacked by a COBRA that has been hiding under her bed

Whether it may be outside or inside our homes, no one can say that a certain place is perfectly safe. Just like in the experience of this family who lost an innocent child to an unexpected incident inside their own home.

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Inside a family home in  Surat Thani, Thailand, a nine-year-old girl named Prapawee Prawat was killed after being bitten on the finger by a cobra as she slept soundly on a mattress laid out on the concrete floor. Her family walked in the next day to find her lifeless body lying near the venomous two-meter snake.

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During her sleep, the girl was only covered by a thin, white sheet and authorities assumed that the cobra bit her hand which was left uncovered.

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According to Daily Mail, Prapawee’s grandmother Lung Chu, 70, came into the room to try to wake the child but she was unresponsive and was not moving.

She immediately decided to call for the help of rescuers and police as to what happened to her grandchild. When the authorities arrived on the scene, they noticed a small swollen red bite mark on Prapawee’s finger. Then, they discovered the 2-meter long cobra curled under the bed.

A policeman points at the deadly snake which was battered to death by locals who found it

Residents battered the deadly reptile to its death before they rushed Prapawee to the hospital in order for her body to undergo post-mortem examination to reveal the real cause of her unfortunate death.

Major General Natakorn Meenim from the Chaiburi district police station said: “Police were notified at 7:40am that a young girl had died in the house without knowing the cause.” Police said they believed that Prapawee had been dead for around eight hours before she was discovered.

Watch the video below of the police capturing the cobra: