This abandoned barn is hiding a SECRET paradise inside

Motorcycle and other type of vehicle enthusiasts could surely relate to this story of a man who tried to track down something he saw on the internet and what he found was surely beyond what he expected.

It all started when a motorcycle enthusiast named David Cuff who came across someone’s Flickr account that contained a collection of mystifying photographs showing a forgotten army of motorcycles abandoned in an unknown warehouse.

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Cuff convinced himself that he should be able to find the location of the warehouse, so he tried to search across the web for clues. Luckily, an anonymous tip came to him about the location on a sport bike forum. David, together with his friends discovered the exact location of the rusty graveyard – 71 Gooding Street, the City of Lockport, Niagara County, New York.

Photo Credits: The Vintage News

In his desire to see the motorcycle graveyard in person, he organised a trip with his friends. They traveled all the way to Lockport, New York in order to prove the existence of the motorcycle graveyard.

Photo Credits: The Vintage News

The place was known as the Motorcycle Graveyard of Lockport. From the early 1970’s, the building on Gooding Street became the headquarters for this growing business. The company was established by Kohls Cycle Sales after collecting over 50 years worth of motorcycles and related parts.

Photo Credits: The Vintage News

Around 1997 Kohl sold the building and motorcycles to a man named Frank Murrell, and Frank operated the business as Kohl’s Cycle Salvage which sold parts off of the hundreds of motorcycles.

Photo Credits: The Vintage News

The building was condemned and owned by the City of Lockport due to unpaid property taxes. A lengthy process to acquire accident insurance would be needed for Frank to enter the building. David began to call Frank regularly, gaining his trust in the hopes of helping him save some of the forgotten bikes.

Photo Credits: The Vintage News

David and his friends were in awe when they set foot on the amazing display of vintage motorcycles that have withstood the test of time and still exist after being abandoned for several years.

Photo Credits: The Vintage News

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