Adorable Mom gives her “Heartbroken Daughter” P2,000 to cope with her Heartbreak

As we grow up, we tend to seek the guidance from our parents to be able to pass through whatever we are going through because we believe that they know better and that they are designed to guide us all the way.

However, during the puberty stage, parents and children tend to grow apart from each other because during this stage, the children often cannot get what they want from their parents and more often than not, parents scold their children for not doing what they want them to do. Thus, the misunderstanding between the two becomes bigger.

Yet, there are also parents that completely understand what their child is going through and are even more than willing to give their child a glimmer of hope in times of despair.

Just like this lovely mom who gave P2,000 to her “heartbroken daughter” to help her heal her broken heart.

In a  Facebook post, Maria Florine Vergara Pressman shared how her Mother must have heard her crying the night before. She also assumed that her mom would be angry that she is heartbroken again but, it was the opposite.

When she woke up, what lay before her were a note and two one thousand peso bill. The note says that Florine should spend the money on wandering around.

Florine shared that upon seeing her mother’s little surprise, she immediately forgot her problems and realized that her mom loves her so much more than any man could ever love her.

As reported by Viral 4 Real, her post warmed the hearts of Netizens and it went viral with thousand of reactions, shares and comments.