Aggressive snake sneaks inside an internet cafe and attacks a customer

Internet Cafes can be seen just about anywhere in the world. The increasing number of people hooked to various social media platforms has also increased the demand for internet cafes, but, no one can really predict what might happen inside a peaceful internet cafe.

Just like what happened on April 8, an oblivious customer at an internet cafe in the Wiset Chai Chan District of Ang Thong, Thailand had an unfortunate run in with a rat snake on the attack.

In a video uploaded by ViralHog on its Youtube channel, a man can be seen calmly walking towards the front door of the cafe. To his surprise, as he opens the door, a snake comes out of the trash can and launches itself to the man’s ass.

The man instantly goes into total freak-out mode, and expertly dropkicks the snake and another man in the process. The dropkick may have happened unexpectedly but, it sure got the job done before the snake could really bite the ass of the man.

Other people inside the cafe also freaked out. They can be seen jumping out of their chairs and heading towards the nearest exit while the snake was stuck below a desk in the corner of the cafe.

Fortunately, according to a research, rat snakes are not venomous in nature. They often use constriction in killing their prey.

Nevertheless, the mere appearance of a snake out of nowhere can still terrify someone who isn’t really fond of snakes.

Watch the video below.

Sources: Mashable, Youtube