Airline crew caught on cam opening passenger’s luggage

The invention of an Airplane is one of the most useful discoveries man has ever achieved. Being able to ride a plane to arrive at your destination in the shortest possible time is probably the most obvious advantage of air travel.

Aside from that, helpful crew both on air and in land are also present and are more than willing to help any passenger who needs assistance. But, what if the crews you expected to help you is the same one that will possibly take away your personal belongings?

In a report by Trending News Portal, a video of an airline ground crew opening different luggage of passengers went viral.

The said video was first shared by the Facebook page, “Tulfo Action Agad”. The 2 minutes and 41 seconds video features a man who was reportedly part of the ground crew of an airline company. The said man was seen opening the luggage of the passengers as if he was trying to “find” something. It was presumed that the said incident happened before the departure of the said plane.

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The video did not particularly give any detail regarding the flight but the clip shows an obvious theft attempt simply because the said ground crew member forcibly opened the luggage when they are only supposed to load it inside the airplane.

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There was even a point in the video where he looked directly towards the camera but did not hesitate to still continue with his dirty work.

The said video caused the outrage of netizens and it instantly went viral with close to 10,000 reactions and over 85,000 shares. The over 5,000 comments were all composed of Netizens tagging their friends so everyone will be aware of the modus operandi and there are also others that ridiculed the man in the video.

Watch the whole video below: