Netizen badly hurt after being rocked hard on her head while doing her “alay-lakad” penitence on holy week

Woman is badly hurt after being rocked so hard by an unknown suspect during her “alay-lakad” as a sign of penitence on holy week.

Netizen Rena Morales shared a very graphic image of her sister on her Facebook after a violent riot happened during the “Alay-Lakad” that was held last Thursday.

According to the Facebook post, one citizen started the riot and hit her sister Namie Morales when he found no one else to hit. Unfortunately, Namie suffered from a life-threatening injury when she was hit on the head by a rock.

In her Facebook post, Morales was furious about incident and seeks justice for what happened to her sister along with photos that shows Namie’s horrific condition who is scheduled to have a surgery anytime soon. She also that doctors specializing in cranial injuries said that they need at least 100 thousand to be used for the surgery.

Some netizens were also angered by the violator’s actions and pointed out that some people just really don’t know the essence of “Alay-Lakad.”

See the full Facebook post below. WARNING! This contain graphic images.


“Alay-Lakad” is an annual walk conducted by many Filipinos as part of their penitence every Holy Week. Devotees do this as sign of their sacrifice by strolling around different churches from their respected homes.