Alex Gonzaga hits back at basher that says she has no class

Our favorite actors and actresses have their own private lives too. We are lucky enough if we are able to see a part of that through their social media posts.

However, we can’t blame them if they sometimes get enough of the bashing they are suffering from and give their basher a taste of their own medicine.

Just like what the funny and witty actress/host, Alex Gonzaga did to one of her bashers. We all know Alex is an actress with a pleasing personality who does not care of what others think about her. Because of this, she is not afraid of speaking her mind and telling others how she really feels.

In a report by, the 29-year-old actress posted two photos on her Instagram account.┬áIt showed an image of herself on the sidewalk, reaching for shoes. She captioned it by jokingly saying: “Swipe to see the struggle dahil nagagalit na photographer ko.”

In the photos, Alex Gonzaga was simply holding on to her heel. She is seen smiling as if she was trying to take something from the bottom of her shoes’ heels.

One Netizen commented that Alex looked like Lee Sung Kyung, a South Korean actress and model and is best known for her lead role in the Korean Drama – Weightlifting Fairy – Kim Bok Joo, the said Netizen complimented Alex more by saying that she is a lot prettier than Lee Sung Kyung.

The said comment was however contradicted by another Netizen who said that class can’t be bought and that no one compares to Lee Sung Kyung.

This mean comment did not go unnoticed by Alex Gonzaga, she replied in a witty way by sarcastically saying: “tol kano ba yan class na yan? Makahoard nga bukas!”

Here is how the conversation went: