Alex Gonzaga unable to resist and touched Pia Wurtzbach left chest, Queen P. reacts!

Alex Gonzaga or Catherine Gonzaga in real life is best known for her candid and funny personality. May it be towards fellow artists or fans, Alex simply tends to be her usual self. Given her outgoing personality, she also gets along well with almost everyone.

Her being candid is also what made people love her more which made her become not just an actress but a host and an author at the same time. She was also able to land on several projects that made her personality stand out more.

Even her social media posts are also quite fun to look at. Her photos and videos are paired with hilarious captions that can help one person get by on a daily basis.

She recently became viral again after netizens posted hilarious GIFs where she can be seen touching the left side of Pia Wurtzbach’s bust during ASAP Chillout’s livestream session on Sunday as reported by ABS-CBN.

In the short clip that circulated online, Pia can be seen talking to another person while Alex is trying to take a closer look towards the beauty queen. She can be seen scrutinizing the undeaniably gorgeous features of Pia.

Later on, it can be assumed the Alex might have no longer resisted the urge to ‘touch’ Queen P’s bust. Pia was shocked by what Alex did but she just shrugged it off.

Meanwhile, after a few tweets about the hilarious feat went viral, Alex also shared her thought on the video by saying, “When starstruck ka sa lahat ng parte ng katawan ni Queen Pia. Have a good day everyone.”