Why you should always take a photo of your stove every time you go out

There are times that we just get tired of everything and want to run from the real world and have some relaxation we believe we deserve. However, there some people who may be already having a blast on their dream vacation, but can’t avoid being distracted by little things we shouldn’t really worry about like if they left the stove on.

This mindset may be a little bit weird to some of you, but there really some people who thinks that way and experts claimed that they have found a solution to fix this problem.

According to LifeHacker, there is an easy and crazy way to resolve your paranoia. They have suggested that before you even leave your home to have your long-awaited vacation, you should always¬†step into your kitchen and have the time to take photo of your stove. By doing this, it saves you the trouble of worrying whenever you feel worried and just simply take a look at that pic and see that everything’s fine.

They also said that this trick is also applicable to those people who are paranoid about something such as leaving the air-conditioner on or any appliances in your home.

Knowing everything’s a-OK by seeing the photos you’ve taken keeps you relax and calm while you’re on break.

SOURCE: TravelAndLeisure