Angry groom drag his wife forcefully out of their wedding car

Wedding day is one great important day of those married couples. Their wedding is the most unforgettable experience they could ever have in their lives. They wanted to make their wedding the perfect one and would not want other people to ruin their day.

But one video of a married couple shows how their wedding day turned out to be a bad one. A video showing a groom forcefully dragging his bride out of a car during their wedding has sparked discussion in China.

Wedding guests surrounding the couple’s wedding car in a bid to ask for monetary gifts. 

The video shows the groom, Mr Li, dragging his bride out of the car in an angry manner.

They walked away quickly because they were ‘too angry’.

Initial reports, suggested the woman had asked for £1,017 before agreeing to get off the car but the newly weds explained they were unhappy with the guy who demanded some money from them.

That incident garnered different initial reports and stories from the media, but the couple insisted that they had not been arguing with each other but with the ‘greedy’ chauffeur.

The man, however, did not explain why he pulled the bride in a violent manner. It’s now understood that the couple’s wedding celebration went on as usual after they get off from their wedding car.

The couple said the unverified reports had disrupted their life.  They also said they had dated for four years before getting married and that they have a good relationship with their families.

Watch the video here:

SOURCE: Daily Mail