Angry wife slams husband’s fancy car with hers after catching him with his mistress

If you are engaging yourself in a relationship you should always put your heart in to it and show your other half why you chose him/her to be to your partner for the rest of your life. However, there are some people who really can’t stop their itch when it comes to finding another lover.

An enraged wife has recently broke the news when she became the headline after her uncontrolled anger towards his cheating husband imploded on Saturday afternoon, May 13.

According to the report conducted by Coconuts Bangkok, the angry wife saw her no good cheating husband driving his Mercedes Benz along with his alleged mistress. The wife then decided to tail his husband using her brand new Toyota Fortuner until she decided run them over causing a road accident.

The incident led to a four-kilometer traffic jam while police and rescue workers cleared the scene.

The police investigation turned up information that the wife had traced her husband via GPS and raced after his white Mercedes before crashing into him on purpose in order to stop him from escaping and confronting him.

Fortunately for the two, identities of the dysfunctional couple were not identified saving them from shame.