Anne Curtis grants wish of a brave girl who lost her battle with Leukemia

Our family is the most expensive treasure we could ever have in this world. Living without them seems like living  without life at all. Life is precious when we have our family to depend on, and losing one member is something unbearable after all.

Recently, another touching story of a girl has touched many lives. She was just so young when given a challenge to fight for her life. She is so much loved by her parents and siblings, and she took that love to have a positive outlook in life despite the pain she is suffering. She was diagnosed with Leukemia but never  thought of giving up.

Her story is shared by netizens because she is just one good example of taking life in a positive way. The girl is named Charlotte “Alot” Alegre. On the said post shows how much love the family has for each other. It is clear that Charlotte is so much happy with her life even if her life was taken so early because of her sickness.

Charlotte has this bucket list while enduring the pain of her sickness:

One of the lists is to see Anne Curtis and have a picture with her. On her brother’s post, Anne Curtis was able to grant her wish. She visited at Charlotte’s wake.

Christian Alegre made a social media campaign in order to get the attention of “It’s Showtime” host and succeeded. Thanks to likes and shares of netizens.

Anne Curtis responded positively to see Christian’s sister.

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Charlotte is too young to be taken from this world but she is just an amazing inspiration of not giving up easily in life challenges. It may be too late  but at least one of her wishes was accomplished and granted by Anne Curtis. Condolences to the family.

SOURCE: Facebook