Anonymous guy belittles “cheap girlfriend”, girl reads it and responded with rage

Nowadays, Facebook pages which allow a person to post something like a story or a life experience without their identity being revealed is very common. There has been several stories that were repeatedly shared by netizens because it either was inspiring or relatable.

However, one story is now trending nowadays not because it’s either inspiring nor relatable, it became trending because of the hate comments it got from netizens.

The said post was entitled “Cheap Girlfriend” and was shared via the Facebook page, University Secret Files. The anonymous sender, which we assume is a man described his girlfriend as a “very cheap” person.

According to the post, the girl was considered cheap by the boy as she prefers cheap things over expensive ones. She also prefers eating in fast food chains instead of restaurants, and even insists that she should sometimes pay for the expenses during their date.

Here is the post:

The said post angered the netizens with some saying that the boy was really insensitive. So, in an effort to defend himself, the sender composed another post which was entitled, “Cheap Girlfriend Part 2”. In the part 2 post, the boy says that his girlfriend was a really “plain” girl as she often wears jeans and a t-shirt and do not even put on make-up unlike the girlfriends of the boy’s colleagues.

Here is the second post:

The said controversial posts may have reached the girl who is identified as the “Cheap Girlfriend” as a sender named “Cath” sent her answer to the claim of her boyfriend. According to Cath’s post, the guy’s name is Mark Christian. Cath says that she is only being considerate towards her boyfriend as although she knows that he has a job, she is also aware that he has responsibilities toward his family.

Here is Cath’s post:

Whoa! That sure is one heck of an argument. Nonetheless, let’s just wait and see for more updates about these two in the upcoming days.