If you think “fat girls” can’t wear bikinis, watch this and it will surely gives you second thoughts

“Chubby is the new sexy” – the famous line owned by those chubby but really looking sexy. You may not believe it, but they are just looking extremely confident with their bodies. But there are also some who aren’t confident of their being chubby.

One woman is making noise and being on top of the topics now in social media because of her body. She may be chubby but she’s really sexy. Beatrice Reyes is now one proof of being beautifully sexy chubby. She captioned her photos with: “”Fat girls shouldn’t wear…” Uh watch me HAHAHAHA #summer2017″.

In her swimsuit attire, she’s just looking really sexy.

She knows how to handle herself with confidence at the beach.

Beach is as blue as she steps on it, wearing her suit with confidence. 

Her sexy body just brighten and lighten the blue waves of the sea. 

Definitely, a new and beautiful kind of sexy.

Be your own kind of beautiful. Just simply wear the best suit of confidence wherever you go. If you’re chubby then you must be the new sexy.