Armless man uses his feet to build toys for living

“Learn to bend when the blanket is short” may not be one of the most remarkable idiom we often hear, but it sure does have a deeper meaning when we apply it in our daily lives.

47-year old, Geraldo Pereira has a congenital disease that left him without upper limbs but, this did not hinder his passion to work hard.

Geraldo Pereira

He uses his feet to hold hammers, measure out, and saw wood which he uses to make toy cars for children.

“From a child, I have always been determined to be independent. I’ve never felt sorry for myself but believed I was special,” Pereira said.

Geraldo Pereira

Pereira lives in Lastro, north east Brazil where he has become a local celebrity.

His amazing ability draws crowds of interested people and tourists, all were in awe of his unbelievable skills.

He claims that it only takes him an hour to finish a toy car and two hours for bigger ones. He says, “When I use an electric saw I can produce up to ten a day.”

Toy truck made by the toymaker

The toymaker also travels from town to town to sell his produce.

According to him, he discovered his talent when he mended a broken wooden truck given to him when he was a teenager.

“I prove every day that nothing can hold you back or stop you from overcoming your difficulties if you put your mind to it,” Pereira who is most proud of his every single work says.

In the end, it still all boils down to one important trait that we find hard to practice, contentment. In everything we do and everything we have, it is most important to be contented and make the most of what we have.

Never let any disability bring you down, instead, make it a stepping stone to be a better person that yourself could be proud of.

Here is a video of how Pereira works: