Arrogant man immediately regrets honking his horns at this old lady

People are meant to age through time and that is not even a question. Year after year ones age just keeps on adding up, until the time we tend to go slow in everything we do, having trouble hearing or even suffering from memory loss due to our old age.

Now, that being said, elderly people like your grandparents are meant to be understood and respected. Dealing with an old person takes a lot of patience and our roles as someone’s caregiver or even as a relative is to lend our helping hand to that person and always be there for them whenever they need some assistance.

However, there are some people who seems to have lack this attitude and couldn’t care about other people, moreover the ones who are elderly. In a video posted by YouTube channel EndlessSummer93, you can see a bunch of guys recording their skating routines when the camera suddenly turns its attention to a man honking his car’s horn.

As you can see here, a car was trying to move forward, but an elderly woman is blocking his way

A guy behind the wheel was being impatient due the old lady’s slowness, that he started honking his horn simultaneously which scared the old lady

Not taking it too likely, the old lady then hit the car’s headlights and the result was hilariously satisfying as his airbags imploded on his face

Let this be a lesson to all, that no matter how slow an elderly person is, you should always have the patient and understand their situation. For someday, you will mostly be like them and we bet you don’t want to be disrespected.

See the full video we have provided below.

SOURCE: EliteReaders