Artist stands for 6 hours and lets people do whatever they want to her body

Marina Abramovic is a Yugoslavian performance artist and has been called as the “grandmother of performance art” for her thought-provoking interactive installations for more than 40 years. She can also be remembered by her painful silent with ex-lover Frank Uwe “Ulay” Laysiepen.

Years after, one of her earliest performance is still being talked about these days. Abramovic staged a performance called “Rhythm O” at Studio Morra in Naples, Italy and it’s undeniably left a huge impact. Where she let her audience do whatever they wanted to do using one of the 72 objects that she had placed on the table.

In an exclusive interview with Abramovic, she revealed that during her performance she was trying to push her body to the limit to know how far can her body go.

Moreover, she stated that people didn’t want any sort of confrontation with her and said that they don’t want to be held responsible or judged for what they did too her body.

See Marina Abramovic’s full interview below.

H/T: EliteReaders