Aspiring Model was posing for her best shot when her photographer noticed something in her body

Models are the ones displaying the best clothes or fashion to wear, they may be freelance or aspiring models. They’re the ones who look so pretty and gorgeous by just the way they handle themselves. There are lots of aspiring models who really became one. There are also some who haven’t chosen to be a model, but once aspired and wished to become one.

Meagan Barnard is one example of those aspiring models. She is from Minneapolis. Her pictures wearing her bikini is one great proof that she is just as lovely as she is, as she pose in front of the camera. But the intriguing part of her story, is something that her photographer had noticed from her, while having the photo shoot.

It appears that Barnard has lymphedema—a rare condition which causes fluid retention and swelling in the body’s tissues due to lymphatic system failure.

She was diagnosed with this kind of disease when she 15 years old. Sad to say an incurable kind of disease. This made her leg to become oversize, having 5 pints of excess fluid compared to the other.

Barnard said and recalled:

“Being diagnosed with lymphedema at 15 was extremely hard for me. I was at an age where all anyone wants is to fit in. For a very long time, my condition made me feel like I was less of a person, that I wasn’t normal like the other students my age. I felt like I belonged in the circus for the way that I looked,”

“Prior to having lymphedema, I was a baton twirler, dancer and basketball player, I enjoyed being in the spotlight and performing. Lymphedema took that away from me,”

This condition of her made her a victim of bullying in school and she was even called Michelin Man. In spite of all negative criticisms, she managed to stand up for herself and just ignored everything that was thrown to her. She isn’t ashamed of her condition, and she wanted to inspire everyone who are experiencing the same to take courage and not to suffer in silence.

She added:

”I really don’t know how I’ve hidden this for so long. I guess I don’t want other young girls to have to go through what I did. At the time I would rather have not been alive than have lymphoedema. After opening up, I feel so much happier. I was extremely depressed; I would come home from school every day, cry and ask why me- it felt like my life was over at 15,”

“After surgery, the hopes for my life are endless,”

“Having this surgery would give me the opportunity to dance again, play basketball without being in pain, and even just the ability to wear a pair of boots to endure the cold winters in Minnesota. Having surgery to correct my lymphedema will give me a whole new life,”

Barnard raised funds for a series of surgeries to lessen her lymphedema and change her life for the better.

She is one of a kind of inspiration to fight against bullying and to always change for the better.

SOURCE: Trending News Portal