Australian news anchor caught daydreaming on live TV

Sometimes, a long day at work makes us want to sneak in a little break in our busy work schedule, things like having a snack or chatting with our co-workers. However, some take it too far and decided to take a snooze during their working hours.

An Australian news anchor from ABC Channel 24 was caught daydreaming without her knowledge that she is currently on air and let’s just say that her boss wasn’t that amused of what he witnessed.

The moment when she realized that she messed up.

Natasha Exelby was  presenting an evening report when she was caught daydreaming in the studio on live TV. It is said that the anchor was supposed to introduce the next segment, however, was caught fiddling with her pen, completely oblivious that she was in fact back live on air.

It took her a few seconds when she realized that she was still on air and her priceless reaction was all caught on video. Fortunately, she did manage to make a quick recovery as she introduced the sports segment and handed over to the next anchor.

After the hilarious blooper went viral, she took to Twitter to thank everyone for the generous support and jokingly tell that her mesmerizing pen salutes them.

WATCH the viral video below.