Authorities “arrested” pigeon carrying Ecstasy tablet

As time goes by, different forms of illegal smuggling and illegal activities are done in ways, which we wouldn’t think it could be. Who would have an idea that a pigeon can be used to pass on some illegal activities? We may not believe it, but it is happening now in Kuwait. Since then, birds are used to deliver long-distance messages, but it seems to have a much more of modern use now.

Authorities believed that it is the latest smuggling activities done by some illegal traffickers.

According to Daily Mail, we have known that the bird was captured by authorities in Kuwait, having flown over from Iraq. The Pigeon was reportedly sent by traffickers hoping to get the drugs into Kuwait.

They happened to found a carrier pigeon having a camouflage backpack on its back. 

The said camouflage backpack is full of exactly 200 tablets of ecstasy. 

Authorities doesn’t know yet about the identity of both the sender and the recipient of the ecstasy tablets.

The story has been dispersed already by different social media sites. And it is now receiving different reactions and comments coming from the Netizens. Some even pointing out directly on the pigeon saying, it should be punished in jail without any bail.