Awful make-up of a bride made her wedding day a nightmare but when this photographer steps in, everything changed

Every girl dreams of having the perfect wedding. For some, a wedding is a fairy tale that they dream of and that is finally coming true. The bride in particular has to look exceptionally gorgeous even just for one day.

But, what will a bride do if the most beautiful day in her life that she dreamed of for years turned out to be the worst nightmare she could ever experience?

Rachfeed reported that a bride named Darika Klinkuhlab from Chai Nat, Thailand posted images on her Facebook account as a warning to all brides-to-be to take time to double check make-up artists for your most anticipated day could be ruined by a mere make-up.

Bride 1

Klinkuhlab chose a package from a recently opened bridal shop near her house. She did so because it will be more comfortable for her compared to going on a bridal shop far form her home.

However, it turned out that it was a bad idea. As seen in the photos, even the kind of foundation used on the bride’s face is not appropriate for her skin color. The lipstick was also a mess.

Bride 2

Since it took more than 3 hours for the preparation, the bride and the groom had no choice but to push through with their wedding despite their awful make-up.

Bangkok-based photographer Park Eun Yong managed to stumble upon¬†Klinkuhlab’s post and decided that she need to do something about it. She offered that her entire team is willing to recreate¬†Klinkuhlab’s wedding day.

Bride 3

The package she offered includes make-up artists, hairdresser, wedding attires, and a whole photoshoot for free!

At first, Klinkuhlab decided to decline the offer as Bangkok was far from her location but it still became a reality because the photo shoot team decided to go to her instead.

Bride 4

There really is a big difference between the previous make-up and the one done by professionals. So ladies, be warned. Never let anyone ruin your most gorgeous day.