Baby pulled out alive from grave 3 days after heartless mother left her to die

We often say that new born children are seen as one of the greatest gifts ever given to someone. Despite of this being true, there are some people who sees it differently and have the audacity to abandon and bury their children and leave it as it if it is just a piece of trash.

This is exactly what one mother from KwaZulu-Natal Province, in South Africa did to her newborn and her reason is just cringe worthy. According to her, she decided to bury the baby and left it to die, for she is scared that her parents might not be so kind of her having a second child.

Luckily enough, a group of factory workers heard the little baby’s out cry and has saved the child from the hellish situation the kid was in.

A report by the website Mirror clearly states that, her colleagues found the boy under some sand and wood she had taken from the factory. It is also said that the baby was discovered near the same factory she took all the things she used.

Upon recovery, the child was placed in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) nearby Port Shepstone Regional Hospital and it is also said that the mother was also in the same place, but there was no word on why she was there.

The video below shows how the kid was rescued. WARNING! The video contains content that some viewers may find distressing.