Basher immediately regrets after leaving this comment for Jessie Mendiola for not being included in FHM sexiest this year

FHM is the Philippine number one online Source for Sexy Women, News, Fashion, and Technology. Every year, they have a search for the 100 sexiest women in the Philippines. The name on top is always on a hot issue and netizens would surely react if the winner deserves or not to be on top.

Last year’s winner was no other than but the oozing hot and sexy actress Jessy Mendiola. But that moment of her being the sexiest, she gained a lot of bashers and were trying to put her down.

Last year was truly her supreme reigning year but this might not be a good year for her. Although she was strong in the race, after the June 9 tally, she was out of the top 5 and even on the top 10. And this of course opens a great chance to a lot of people, including those who have not so good things to say about her.

As they say haters gonna hate, You may be Jessy Mendiola or not, if people don’t like you, they really have something not good to tell about you. Just like with this netizen who tried to bash Jessy Mendiola and even took it lower when she said Jessy’s boyfriend, Luis Manzano might leave her for what happened.

Jessy then fired back against that basher and told that she won’t lose her life if she won’t be on the FHM’s list.

Netizens got different reactions with Jessy not making it on the top 10. It may be a bad year for her now, but it’s not the end of everything yet. A lot of years are still to follow to work for it again.