Batangas earthquake was filmed underwater and it’s terrifying AF

Earthquakes can be really terrifying when experienced. Just ask the residence of Batangas, who felt a massive shaking of the ground just a few days ago. An earthquake can be terrifying while it’s happening on the ground. But have you wondered what an earthquake feels like under water?

This question was asked by a man named Jan Paul Rodriguez on Facebook and answered it via video showing the effect of the recent 5.7 magnitude earthquake that happened in Batangas last Saturday, April 8.

In the video below, you can see the quake affected even the sea bed as the ground was under a massive shaking courtesy of the 5.7 magnitude earthquake. As of this writing, Rodriguez’s post has already gained 2.8K likes/reactions and has been shared around 2,086 times on Facebook.

The Batangas area was hit by a swarm of earthquakes from April 4, which by that time was magnitude 5.5 and culminated with three magnitude 5 earthquakes on April 8.

PHIVOLCS stated the quakes felt in Batangas was part of a series of small to moderately sized earthquakes due to incremental movements from a still unnamed fault spanning Tingloy Island and Mabini in Batangas. Also they also said that a tsunami is possible in the area famous for its diving hotspots.

SOURCE: Inquirer