This beautiful canal in Paris is drained after a decade, what they recover are really bizarre

Paris is known as the the city of love and many really loves to go there to see the scenic and beautiful place.  The Canal St. Martin is a 4.5 km long canal in Paris and it is one of the beautiful scenes you can see there. It was already featured as the backdrop for some of the film’s most atmospheric scenes.

Did You Know channel on YouTube talked about the Canal St. Martin and how it was cleaned for the first time since 2001. According to them, it has a very rich history and its construction is ordered by none other than Napoleon in 1802. It was designed to bring fresh water to the city’s rapidly growing population and also provided avenue for commerce.

In typical french fashion, the founding was procured through a tax on wine. But as the city grew, the canal was put under immense strain. Today, while still scenic, it has mostly become a watery garbage dump. City authorities have drained the canal for the first time.

Workers descended into the canal bed to begin the cleaning operation. They’ve removed over 40 tons of debris and counting.

The water is still so low that you can even walk across it.

They also found a lot of wine bottles. And even a whole lot more.

The people seemed to abandoned thousands of bikes and mopeds there. Some seemed to be just thrown recently but most of the artifacts were already quite old.

Even though they were mostly the everyday objects, they seemed to carry a certain historical dignity. Many city’s residents gathered to watch the cleaning. They couldn’t get enough to see what else they’re going to pull out.

The canal’s aquatic residents were probably less thrilled.

But the city didn’t just leave them to perish at the bottom. During a span of several days, workers moved over four tons of fish to a safe location.

There were plenty of older items.

There were old boom boxes. And even older cameras.

Among the artifacts found are from the first World War, including coins, an unexploded shell, and even a car.

This is artifacts are not old and need to be disregarded because it has a very significant information that would somehow lead us to look back in the past.