‘Beautifully Proud’ Mommy Now Viral As Her Husband Posted Her Photo ‘Breastfeeding’ on Public!

This mommy and her husband too, are indeed rock stars! Read the whole article below.

Decency is always a big issue in the context of morality in our culture. Filipinos are known of being “conservative.” Breastfeeding in public will make a woman (or a mother) an “ill-mannered,” “obscene,” and even a “lewd” one. But, this viral post of a man named Rejio del Prado, a Fitness and Recreation Manager at Okada Manila, in his Facebook account will eventually change many people’s stand in this issue of so-called morality and social conformity. Here is his fb post:

Ok. Let me get this straight.

Its a picture of my wife nursing my little one in public.

Some will say “teka dapat may cover!”, others will say “dapat dun sa banyo!” At yung iba “wala ba lugar dito para magpadede?!”

I’ll give you 3 questions to ponder.

1. Can you eat comfortably while being covered in the face all the time?
2. Can you imagine yourself eating in a public toilet?
3. Kung gutom na gutom ka na, at di ka makakain, ano pakiramdam mo?

Anyways, im just proud to see how my wife takes care of my little one..

Pleasant Evening!

His viral post has already garnered 75k likes and nearly 12k comments as of this posting. Different netizens react to this post as an “eye-opener” to many Filipinos about their “conservative” thinking that commonly results into “prejudice” and “bullying.” Positive comments by netizens also raised awareness about good health benefits of breastfeeding to both moms and kids. Kudos to Mr. and Mrs. Del Prado!

What are thoughts regarding this viral post? Do you think that it is “okay” to do breastfeeding in a public place/area? Share your this article and tell your friends if you are a “pro” or “anti” in terms of breastfeeding in public.

H/T: When In Manila