Beggar turns out to have an extraordinary hidden skill

When we take a stroll or just walk around busy streets, we often see kids and even adults asking for alms from passersby. These kids are often abandoned by their parents that they no longer have other choice but to try to earn money for themselves. The adults on the other hand are mostly handicapped thus they are left with no choice but to ask for alms in the streets.

However, one netizen discovered that this certain man who asks for alms in the streets of Metro Manila has a hidden talent that can enable him to get away from his struggles in life.

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The said netizen shared a post through the Facebook page, Senator Pacquiao Supporters. The post says that the man in the photo is often seen asking for alms from passersby and eats leftover food in the overpass of a certain mall in Fairview, Manila.

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He may be just an ordinary man but is talent is drawing is surely extraordinary. The photos uploaded with the post shows the creative drawing of the man with the use of charcoal. The road also served as his giant canvas.

The still unnamed man managed to draw a gorgeous lady and a handsome man with the word “Love” between them. A dragon is also added at the lower part of his masterpiece.

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It is evident that the man is happy with what he is doing because the photos show that he is smiling while taking his time to complete his work.

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